Baby Rospo

Perfect for medium-sized groups

Sailing in style: discover Lake Como with Baby Toad

The Baby Rospo boat is the ideal solution for medium-sized groups wishing to explore Lake Como from a unique and privileged perspective.

This boat combines spaciousness and comfort, allowing up to 40 passengers to enjoy an unforgettable experience on the waters of the lake.

With its generous width of 3.40 metres, Baby Rospo offers plenty of space on board, making every journey comfortable for all guests.

The size and structure of the boat are designed to ensure stability and safety while sailing, while providing breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

The boat is equipped with all the necessary amenities to make every moment on board pleasant and relaxing.

By booking a trip on Baby Rospo, you will have the opportunity to discover Lake Como from a privileged vantage point, exploring its natural beauty and the picturesque villages that line its shores.

Whether your wish is to celebrate a special occasion or simply to spend a different day, Baby Rospo offers you a lakeside experience full of comfort, beauty and unforgettable moments.